Meet Chris Price, Owner

My wife, Ellen, and I have lived in Charlotte for more than 20 years. I have over 20 years of experience in the service/hospitality industry and another 15 years in sales/marketing. While in the hotel industry, I was exposed to the reality of the bed bug invasion. I understand the urgency and the “need to know” status of the existence of bed bugs in your home or place of business. Being the area’s only dual certified bed bug detection team, we are experts in our field, and are a cost-effective solution to the question Do I have a bed bug problem?” 

Find It K9 Detection’s motto is to treat everyone with respect and care for their concerns. Not only will we have the best results, but our clients will feel fully satisfied with our expertise. I strive to work hard for those who entrust me with their need for our services.


Chris and Ollie Find It K9 Detection, NC

How Find It K9 Detection Began

I experienced a life-threatening illness and knew that if I was healthy enough to work that I would need a career change. While in the hospital, my wife showed me a video of a K9 searching for bed bugs in her government building. As soon as I saw it, I told her this is what I was going to do for my next career.  With my love of dogs it was simple for me to make this decision. During my illness and lengthy recuperation,  I researched everything I could find on K9 bed bug detection. I searched the internet and called everyone connected with K9 bed bug detection. I found that there was a big difference between domestic and European K9s. After a long wait and interview process and additional research to include a visit to a NESDCA training and certification event, I decided to look for the perfect partner. I watched Ollie train on video in Northern Ireland and was sold. He made the long trip to CA for training where I first met him and we worked together to become a team. Ollie’s trainer in CA has trained handlers and K9s for scent detection all over North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. After training, we flew home to NC and started looking for an exterminator that would help us get our license in NC and SC. We found a local company who gave us a chance to train, test, and acquire our license. We then completed testing for our national certifications.

Since we started we have worked in 10 states and for national clients. We have made many great friends with managers, clients and exterminators in the past years. There have been some busy times where we have completed more than 1,000 inspections in a limited time, and we have always out performed any expectations. We stay busy with our clients and enjoy our travel. Ollie and I have been filmed by a national pest control group to be used in training for other K9 detection teams across the U.S. and Canada.

We feel that we offer Premier Level K9 bed bug scent detection. When other teams fail to locate the hard to find harborages, we dig in to locate them.


Meet Ollie

Ollie Find It K9 Detection Services NC

Ollie is an Irish black labrador retriever from a very special breeder in Northern Europe. Ollie has been trained from birth as a search and detection dog. Since Ollie’s arrival in the United States, we have been trained by an internationally renowned scent detection dog expert with over 35 years of experience and has authored multiple #1 best-selling dog training books. Ollie’s trainer has been featured on many TV shows and has trained dogs and handlers for all kinds of scent detection for the United States and international governmental agencies and the private sector.


Ollie is trained to only alert in the presence of the odor of live bed bugs and live bed bug eggs. Most non-certified bed bug scent detection dogs are not trained to differentiate between live and dead bed bugs. Ollie works off leash most of the time like a Narcotics K9 and is afraid of nothing he finds. He is fearless and just loves his job, which is a game to him. Ollie doesn’t quit until either the area is cleared or he finds his target scent. He is rewarded with a ball every time he performs his final trained response. That means he sits when he finds the odor of bed bugs. We have successfully completed all annual national certifications and every time the examiners watch him, they are amazed with our speed and accuracy.

Ollie lives at home with my wife and I and other dog Chase as part of our family. He enjoys daily walks with neighbors and other four-legged friends  and trains whenever he is not working or traveling.