About Find It K9 Detection

Located in North Carolina, Find It K9 Detection is a handler-assisted, family-owned canine bed bug inspection and detection company. We specialize in finding bed bugs, and are able to find them when a human has no chance of finding them. Bed Bugs are found by scent or smell—not sight. We offer services in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic States to area businesses, citizens, and exterminators. We love to work close to home, but will travel if you need us.

We are affiliated with licensed pest control operators to satisfy all North Carolina requirements. Inspections in North Carolina are arranged and performed under supervision through a licensed pest control company. Canines used in bed bug detection must have a strong genetic instinct, and their handlers must be keen observers. We train weekly to ensure we are accurate and professional. Find It K9 Detection has been trained by the top scent detection trainer in the country for canines and their handlers. Since 2016, we have been certified by the World Detector Dog Organization  (WDDO) and National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA). Find It K9 Detection is the area’s only bed bug scent detection team with dual certifications. Together, Chris and Ollie are the dynamic duo known as Find It K9 Detection!


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Why Choose Find It K9 Detection Services?

Find It K9 Detection Is Discreet

We are 100% discreet. We will arrive in an unmarked vehicle to ensure your reputation and privacy is not compromised. We will give you an honest inspection. We are not selling any treatments so bed bugs or no bed bugs we will tell you the truth.

Find It K9 Detection Is Quick and Thorough

We can find bed bugs within minutes! We don’t want to find bed bugs, but if we do, we will do our best to show you the signs of the infestation when possible. We find bed bugs even when others have tried and failed.

Find It K9 Detection Is Reliable

Humans are approximately 40% accurate when identifying live bed bugs and eggs. Highly trained K9’s, that have been tested and certified, have been proven to test at 90% or higher in the detection of live bed bugs and live eggs. Scent detection K9s that are well trained and tested are considered a scientific instrument by our government and most courts. Nothing is better than a highly-trained K9 nose for scent detection.

Find It K9 Detection Respects Your Confidentiality

We understand your brand reputation is of utmost importance, which is why client confidentiality is our number one priority. We will maintain your privacy from our very first contact and in all practices and procedures during the normal course of doing business with you. We take every relationship seriously, and we extend our policy of confidentiality to all clients.


Our K9 teams have searched hundreds
of locations for bed bugs, including:





Office Buildings

Government Buildings



Nursing Homes

Daycare facilities

Doctors’ offices

Fire trucks/fire stations


Manufacturing Plants

Public housing



Airline baggage